Web Design & Development in Mauritius

Nadeem builds websites in Mauritius with the primary aim of allowing you to control your own content and also to allow easy modifications to the site as your business evolves and changes.

When proposing designs, Nadeem considers your branding and any existing media you may already have. If you already have a design in Photoshop (or Illustrator, Fireworks, etc) then Nadeem can build your site from that.

The analysis/planning for your new site takes into account your business processes, where applicable, and search engine optimisation. If you have an existing website, the content may be moved or adapted for the new site.

Web Technology

Nadeem uses PHP and MySQL to provide server-side functionality to your site - primarily this is the admin section where you manage, enter and store the content on your site.

Building the site with a combination of HTML (including HTML 5), CSS (including CSS 3) and Javascript provides a greater level of interaction on your site.

Websites are coded with other designers and developers in mind so that a small amount of training can quickly get third-party personnel up to speed to alter the code if ever you choose to move your site to another provider.

Other Web Services

Aside from delivering and hosting completed websites, Nadeem also cuts HTML pages from Photoshop designs (PSD2HTML / PSD to HTML), provides help to university students and provides training in Adobe products, web design and web development.

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