About Nadeem

Nadeem was born in London and grew up in the countryside in Kent near a castle, a cathedral and a river. He has a BSc in Psychology from Brunel University, UK but has since moved into web development.

After university, he began working with Vodafone Retail as an Assistant Branch Manager where he developed his interpersonal and troubleshooting skills before he realised that what he really wanted to do was work in ICT.

He began with Flash back in 1999 but soon wanted to be able to store and retrieve data so he began working with object-orientated desktop applications using VB6 and SQL Server 2000 and sometimes Oracle 8i. ASP soon caught his attention and he began building database-driven web applications before discovering PHP which he continues to use to this day.

In his time working in ICT, Nadeem has also worked on various non-development projects providing technical specifications, business plans, training and, on one occasion, acting as the technical consultant on a turnkey project for an African parastatal.

Nadeem now lives in Mauritius where he is married and has a little girl and two little boys and wants to spend more time with his family to which end he has quit his full time job and is now pursuing any opportunities for freelance and contract web development.