• MyJob MyJob visit http://www.myjob.mu/ Designed by Think Interactive A job portal allowing candidates to create a detailed online CV and employers to create jobs. Employers can view job applications and managed them fully with flags, statues, notes, custom-lists, etc.
  • Click & Deal Click & Deal visit http://www.clickndeal.mu/ Design provided by client Users can post personal adverts to sell or request new and second-hand products.
  • AURS AURS visit http://www.aurs.mu/ Designed by Think Interactive
  • ATMC ATMC visit http://www.atmcmauritius.org/
  • Avis Mauritius Avis Mauritius visit http://www.avismauritius.com/
  • Tourism Mauritius Tourism Mauritius http://www.tourism-mauritius.mu/ This site was built for the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) as an urgent order - it was delivered the next day (without content). This was a temporary site to provide information whilst the new website was being planned and built.
  • Monique Ohsan Bellepeau Monique Ohsan Bellepeau http://www.moniqueohsanbellepeau.com/
  • Fintech Fintech visit http://www.essence-id.com/
  • Ordermanzer Ordermanzer visit http://www.ordermanzer.mu/ Users can order food online for delivery or collection. Orders are automatically printed out at the restaurant.
  • Wassim Sookia Wassim Sookia visit http://www.wassimsookia.com/
  • Multibox Multibox visit http://www.multibox.mu/ Design provided by client
  • Flame n Grill Flame n Grill visit http://www.flamengrill.mu/
  • EFT EFT visit http://www.eftcorp.com/
  • Andronik Andronik visit http://www.andronik.mu/
  • Audaces Audaces visit http://www.audaces.be/ Designed by and developed for Audaces The Audaces website is built on a full-page design with vertical and horizontal scrolling.
  • Ayaviva Ayaviva visit http://www.ayaviva.com/
  • Belgian Sponsorship Awards Belgian Sponsorship Awards visit http://www.sponsorshipawards.be/ Designed by and developed for Audaces
  • BigDay.mu BigDay.mu visit http://www.bigday.mu/
  • CEEAC CEEAC visit http://www.ceeac-climatdesaffaires.org/ Designed by and developed for Audaces
  • Channnel IT Channel IT visit http://www.channelit.mu/ Developed for IMS Mauritius
  • ClickToSnack Click To Snack visit http://www.clicktosnack.com/ Design provided by client Online ordering with a complex menu and cart.
  • CMB CMB visit http://www.cmb.mu/ Users can view their current portfolio, orders and current market prices as well as send orders.
  • Coton ACP Coton ACP visit http://www.coton-acp.org/ Designed by and developed for Audaces
  • CRA Registration CRA Registration visit http://www.craworldeventsmanagement.com/races/ A racing registration site for CRA where users can register for specific races and manage their registrations.
  • Domaine Victoria Domaine Victoria visit http://www.victoria.mu/
  • Dream Escapes Dream Escapes visit http://www.holiday.dreamescapes.mu/ Design by and developed for Sui Generis
  • Les Enfants d'un Reve Les Enfants d'un Rve visit http://www.lesenfantsdunreve.org/
  • Essence Essence visit http://www.essence-id.com/
  • Glisol Glisol visit http://www.glisol.com/
  • Hemophilia Association of Mauritius Hemophilia Association of Mauritius visit http://www.hemophilia.mu/ Designed by Think Interactive
  • HV Group HV Group visit http://www.hv-holdings.com/
  • InSCeHo InSCeHo visit http://www.insceho.org/
  • JS Printing JS Printing visit http://www.jsprinting.mu/
  • La Conciergerie La Conciergerie visit http://www.laconciergerieindianocean.com/ Designed by Think Interactive
  • Lalit Lalit visit http://www.lalitmauritius.org/ (Please note that Nadeem is not associated with any political parties in any way.) The Lalit party website features an array of complex modules for managing page content, documents and media. The site also has an interactive Creole-to-English dictionary in the left column.
  • MESF Mauritius Equestrian Sports Federation Mauritius Equestrian Sports Federation visit http://www.mesf.mu/
  • Oenophilia Oenophilia visit http://www.oenophilia.mu/ Designed by and developed for Think Interactive
  • Perigeum Capital Perigeum Capital visit http://www.perigeumcapital.com/
  • Quickpro Animation Quickpro Animation visit http://www.quickproanimation.com/ Design provided by client
  • Quickpro Translations Quickpro Translations visit http://www.quickprotranslations.com/ Design provided by client
  • Shared Values Shared Values visit http://www.sharedvalues.coop/ Designed by and developed for Audaces
  • Twisto Royal Twisto Royal visit http://www.twistoroyal.com/ Companies can order food online (with online payment) for multiple employees.
  • Vedco Vedco visit http://www.vedco.mu/
  • Victoria Residences Victoria Residences visit http://www.novena.mu/
  • Villa Mon Petite Bonheur Villa Mon Petite Bonheur visit http://www.villamonpetitbonheur.com/


  • Kevin RamkaloanDirector, Board of Investment, Mauritius

    "Nadeem brought in creativity and perseverance in the development of a multi-site web-based sales and promotion channel for French real estate products."

  • Jean-Pierre GuillouCEO at DCDM Management Services Ltd

    "Took over a difficult assignment from us and was able to produce good results in a timely manner. During the course of the process, no of web-sites was expanded as we were very satisfied with the results."

  • Bernard RacouteVenture Information Analyst at RasGas

    "He is a very good professional and a dependable person. He possesses great analysis and communication skills. These skills allow him to rapidly understand the problems of his clients and formulates clear solutions to solve conundrums."

  • Luigi Origa

    "Very strong programmer and know how to make a site really safe and affordable. Highly recommended!!"

  • Mahmood MirzaSports Injury & Massage Therapist at Charlton Athletic Football Club

    "Nadeem is very results orientated and will go the extra mile to deliver quality projects. I would recommend him highly!"