• Starter Website MUR 20,000

    Manage content in multiple languages, add, edit and remove pages, show or hide pages in the main navigation, reorder pages and manage SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) elements such as browser title and meta-descriptions.

    Content management functionality is standard in all websites.

  • Product Websites MUR 28,000 - 40,000

    For businesses that provide products, on top of the standard CMS functionality, you can also add, remove, hide and edit products, manage their descriptions in multiple languages and add multiple images per product. Price variations depend on additional functionality such as order requests, carts, email alerts and user accounts.

  • Media Website MUR 24,000 - 40,000

    Ideal for photographers, designers or anyone who deals in images or video, a media website allows you to manage images and video. Images can be automatically resized and cropped and thumbnails can be automatically generated. Price variations depend on details such as media formats, file sizes and download protection. Standard CMS functionality is included.

  • Custom Web Applications MUR 40,000 +

    The specifications for sites like this vary greatly from sites providing online services, recruitment, stock management, document management or any other kind of functionality that extends your business processes.

  • Additional Options

    Additional components and options include functionality such as news, events, galleries, data capture forms, user accounts, carts, order requests, catalogues, brochures and search.

  • Domain Names and Hosting As from MUR 3,500 per year

    Basic Hosting can be provided at MUR 3,500 annually which includes one .com, .net, .biz (or other international extension) domain name and 1 Gb of disk space.

    Business Hosting can be provided at MUR 5,000 annually which also includes a .com, .net, .biz (or other international extension) domain name but with 100 Gb of disk space.

    Hosting with .mu domains can also be provided at MUR 6,500 ( domain name) based on the current price for a .mu domain.

    Please note that you can start off with the Basic Hosting and then upgrade if it becomes necessary later on.


Nadeem builds websites that allow you to enter and update your own content however Nadeem does offer copy-writing for English-language content and data-entry at MUR 600 per hour.

The prices listed to the left do not include data-entry.


Nadeem begins projects with a 50% down-payment (excluding hosting).

The final 50% with hosting (if hosting is required) is necessary to put the final site live online.