Project Steps - How to Proceed and What to Expect

Nadeem delivers websites through a distinct series of steps. Here's what to expect:

  • 1. Request a Quote

    Request a quote

    Send an email to or call on (+230) 5766 9169 and Nadeem will respond immediately by either setting up a meeting or by sending you a quote within a day or two (depending on the complexity of your project).

    Nadeem has developed full work-flows in the past for clients who have a general idea of what they want so whether you have a fully formed project in mind or you are just interested in working out the feasiblity of a project, Nadeem can help.

  • 2. Design


    Once you have approved the quote and decided to go ahead, the next step is to finalise a design. Nadeem begins by asking you for any branding guidelines you might have as well as references to sites you like and what specifically you like about them. From this you will be sent a few design ideas to get the ball rolling. From your feedback and further sets of designs eventually one will be selected and finalised.

    Nadeem has built sites from both clients' and third-party designs in the past as well as propose designs without any initial input from the client so regardless of your eye for design you will receive something you like.

  • 2. Development and Integration


    This step actually runs in parallel to the design step above: Nadeem builds the admin section of the site and prepares everything so that by the time a design is finalised it is only a matter of putting the design onto the "shell" website.

    Development of the "shell" site and the integration of the design happen purely at Nadeem's end.

  • 3. Preview and Testing

    Testing cycle

    Once the site is built, Nadeem put the site onto his own server online for you to see.

    At this point you can use the site, test it and enter your content. If there are any problems Nadeem will fix them.

    The site will remain in preview until you are ready to go live.

  • 4. Go Live and Support

    Go live

    Following your approval to go live, Nadeem will setup the hosting (if necessary) and move the site to your server. Nadeem works with a range of companies and client's who have existing hosting solutions so it is not necessary to take hosting from Nadeem if you already have a suitable platform. If you are hosting the site with another provider then Nadeem will provide you with the site's requirements and also test the site on the server before going live.

    Nadeem has been working in Mauritius for more than a decade and does not have any plans to leave so you can always contact him if problems crop up on the site whether it be a bug or you just need help to put some content in.

Project Duration

It is not possible to provide an accurate timetable for the delivery of a website (usually) due to the variance in the time it takes to get feedback on designs and the site preview however, as a reference only, a starter website can be built in one week if everything is approved within a day of the request.

If you have a specific, fixed deadline then Nadeem can work to that deadline or alter the project requirements to deliver the site on time.

Long-term support

Nadeem has a proven track record for providing long-term support. There are clients who are continously evolving their websites to improve their business and Nadeem has been present every step of the way. One of Nadeem's oldest and most challenging clients is MyJob who have been running a recruitment website with Nadeem's support for almost seven years.

Handing Over

Should the need ever arise for the site to be further developed or maintained by another provider or an in-house administrator, Nadeem will provide full support for a hand-over. This includes providing training and support until the hand-over is complete.