CMS Functionality

Basic CMS

Every site Nadeem builds comes with a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to:

  • Create new pages
  • Reorder items in navigation
  • Manage content in muliple languages
  • Manage content specifically for Search Engine Opimisation (SEO)
  • Embed video sharing website codes

Every site also comes with modules for managing your own images and documents.

Image Pool

The Image Pool module allows you to upload images and specify dimensions for resizing and cropping.

Images uploaded through the Image Pool generate custom tags that allow you then easily insert an image into your content.

Document Pool

The Document Pool module allows you to upload files documents (such as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc).

Files uploaded through the Document Pool generate custom tags that allow you then easily insert document links into your content.

Additional Modules

Most clients usually require additional functionality on their websites such as galleries and product displays.

These modules are custom built to your specific requirements.



The websites that Nadeem delivers are very flexible in terms of both front-end display and back-end data handling and functionality.


It is easy to add new modules, javascript plugins and other third-party components to Nadeem's websites. An additional settings file allows developers and designers to easily add new global constants and parameters for testing.

Third-Party Support

Nadeem's sites are developed in such a way as to allow non-programmer designers to alter the display of the site with only knowledge of HTML and CSS. Conversely, PHP / MySQL programmers can work on the site without knowledge of front-end display elements.

In cases where a client wishes to hand the site over to another party, Nadeem provides training and support during the hand-over.